About Me

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Hey there!

My name is Charles Petchsy. I’m a full-time software engineer working on a wide range of projects mostly involving enterprise development.

They say three times the charm, so here is another attempt to create a personal blog. I’ve learned a ton since I graduated and started working. Some of my work can be found on Github, and wanted to try a few new things this time around.

Here’s my battlestation:

  • Laptop: 2018 Macbook Pro 15” (i7 2.6Ghz w/ 32GB RAM)
  • Keyboard: HyperX Alloy FPS Pro w/ custom keycaps on Cherry MX Blues
  • Mouse: Logitech Mx Master 2S
  • Top Monitor: Acer AL1926w 19” (900p)
  • Bottom Monitor: Samsung U28D590D 28” (4k)
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